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Encinitas, CA is a fairly large city with nearly 60,000 residents that sits in between San Diego and Los Angeles. It’s about 25 miles north of San Diego and 95 miles south of Los Angeles. Fortunately, there is plenty to do in Encinitas without going to one of those bigger towns, especially during the right time of year.

The oceanfront town of Encinitas plays host to a lot of big weeklong festivals and activities throughout the year, and if you’ve ever been to this type of event you probably know that they usually have some drinking in common. Whether it’s during the day, which may be filled with activities, or at night passing the time, people tend to have a lot to drink when they’re cutting loose at a festival or car show.

That can lead to a high risk of getting caught drunk driving, so the best thing to do is to plan ahead and make sure to pick a designated driver or arrange transportation. If you do get a DUI you need to call a lawyer, though, before things get even worse.

The Annual OktoberFest in Encinitas is a great example. What is a more beer-friendly celebration than an OktoberFest? It literally is an event tailored around German beer. Thus it is even more important that you plan ahead if you plan on attending OktoberFest in Encinitas.

Actions to Take When You Require a Encinitas DUI Attorney

If not, though, remember that a great DUI attorney is only one call away and they can do a lot to help you avoid some of the more serious consequences associated with a DUI charge. Often times a DUI can be a wakeup call to an individual to be more responsible in the future. That starts by taking responsibility and fixing the problem you’re in by getting a good lawyer.

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