Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of my customers and clients and their matters is of great importance to me and my business. With only a few exceptions, everything you discuss with an Attorney is completely confidential. The information you relay to me regarding a DUI arrest cannot be disclosed to any other person without your written consent.

For anyone to help you with your Drunk Driving case I always recommend that you be completely honest about everything even though there may be some subjects that are very sensitive, but nothing you can say will shock or surprise an experienced DUI attorney. It is crucial to your case you are honest with your attorney.

In addition, if any information is collected from any individual on this website it not stored, nor disseminated to any individual other than to the DUI attorney. Under no circumstances will we sell or rent this information to any person or entity.

Any information we gather will only be used to respond to you regarding the reason you contacted us and unless you ask us not to, we may respond to your email or contact you via email in the future to tell you about items that may interest or pertain to you.

You may contact us at any point to verify or see what information we have about you or to have us delete any information we may have compiled.

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