DMV Information

San Diego DMV Hearing Goal

Losing your driving privileges is a serious matter and will undoubtedly have a negative impact on your life. Our DUI attorney takes this very seriously and takes every action to try to prevent a license suspension. Of course, our ideal goal is to achieve a complete dismissal of your DUI in San Diego. However, if this cannot be achieved, we endeavor to reduce the Drunk Driving San Diego charges against you and to limit the consequences of your drunk driving arrest. Feel free to contact our contact our DUI defense attorney for more information on your case.

What is an SR-22 and does it work?

An SR-22 is simply a form issued by an insurance company to prove that you have liability insurance. The SR-22 filing proves to the DMV that an insurance company has agreed to issue you the minimum liability coverage, and that the insurance company will contact the Department of Motor Vehicles if the insurance lapses for any reason.

In order to reinstate your drivers license following the expiration of a period of suspension, or to obtain a restricted license, you must secure minimum liability coverage on your vehicle. In the event that you do not own a motor vehicle, you must purchase a “non-owners” liability coverage. The cost of the filing is based on the severity of your driving record, your location of residence, and your length of driving experience. If you are not aware of what may be on your driving record, you can purchase a copy from the DMV. Normally an SR-22 filing period lasts for three years. Although, sometimes the DMV enforces stricter laws, and the terms can be extended.

We often get asked how long a alcohol or marijuana DUI in San Diego will stay on someones record. The violation is prior-able for 10 years, meaning that if you are convicted of a subsequent DUI, and the violation date of the second drunk driving San Diego charge is within 10 years of the violation date of the first DUI, then the second DUI will be charged and punished as a DUI with a prior. After the period of your probation is terminated, which lasts for five years, you can usually obtain an expungement. But an expungement does not actually remove the DUI conviction from your record. Instead, it simply allows you to withdraw your guilty plea and obtain dismissal. But even though your record reflects a dismissal, the original conviction remains, advised a DUI attorney in San Diego about expungement.