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Pacific Beach is a San Diego neighborhood in a prime location in between La Jolla, Mission Beach and Mission Bay. That makes it a popular spot to have some fun, and it’s got a youthful population with a lot of college students and surfers.

This means that the nightlife in Pacific Beach is off the charts, so perhaps you’ll find yourself having some fun in Pacific Beach after a day on the links in nearby La Jolla at Torrey Pines Golf Course. Or, maybe you spent the day out on the water of Mission Bay and want to cut loose at night with a drink and some dancing.

These are just a couple of the reasons that people end up going out drinking in Pacific Beach, but unfortunately those reasons don’t matter if you are facing a drunk driving charge. If you get pulled over on your way back after a night out in Pacific Beach, remember the first thing you need to do is hire a good DUI attorney.

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A DUI lawyer should be your first call as soon as you are facing DUI charges. Simply put, pretending it didn’t happen or trying to avoid the stress is not going to solve you problem and it is not going to keep your license safe and preserve your freedom.

Picture yourself in a few months. Do you want to be back out in Pacific Beach with all of your friends, throwing a few drinks back and having fun? First, make sure a designated driver is in the picture in the future, but if you want that to happen you need to get a good DUI lawyer on your side right away.

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