Rancho Santa Fe

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Rancho Santa Fe is a census-designated area, rather than an actual incorporated city or town. It lies within the bounds of San Diego County, and is home to some of the highest earners in the entire country, not to mention the state of California. The median income here is over $188,000, and you’ll find that the area reflects that quite well in the number of things to do, the fine dining establishments and the upscale, luxury real estate.

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Rancho Santa Fe was hailed as the wealthiest community in the nation back in 2000, and things haven’t changed much since then. It’s still an area known for gated communities, sprawling estates and big name celebrities. Bing Crosby started the trend of celebrities coming to the area back in the late 1930s, and it’s definitely continued through today. You’ll find that names like Bill Gates, Ann Blyth, Rick Aguilera and Juice Newton call the place home.

Of course, there’s plenty to see and do in town, but if you manage to get in trouble for driving drunk, you can count on not being treated like a celebrity. You’re going to need some expert legal help and advice – the kind you only get from Rancho Santa Fe DUI lawyers. A reputable DUI lawyer in Rancho Santa Fe will go to bat for you in San Diego Superior Court and help ensure that you stand the best chance of seeing a favorable verdict from the situation. Without expert legal help from a DUI attorney, you might find yourself without a license, and possibly even facing steep legal fines and jail time. Don’t go it alone. If you’re arrested for DUI in Rancho Santa Fe, get the expert legal help you need.

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