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In picturesque Southern California, San Clemente is just about as picturesque as it gets. Located in Orange County, right between Los Angeles and San Diego, San Clemente is called earns its slogan, “Spanish Village by the Sea.”

The Spanish Village side comes from the fine architecture of homes and buildings throughout San Clemente in the Spanish colonial style. San Clemente is home to about 64,000 residents who have fallen in love with the area’s fine climate and unmatched views of the ocean to the west and the mountains to the east.

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As for the “sea” side of things, San Clemente is also one of the surfing capitals of the world. Surfers come to San Clemente throughout the year to catch waves along the coast, as the town has a number of spots that are ideal for surfing. Trestles, Lasuens, and Poche Beach are among the many areas along the San Clemente coast that offer great surfing.

On top of the actual waves off the San Clemente coast, the town is also home to a number of surfing-related companies. The surfing media makes its home in San Clemente, including Surfing Magazine, The Surfer’s Journal, and Longboard Magazine. In addition, San Clemente hosts a variety of surfboard companies.

And, to round things out nicely for San Clemente, the town is also the former spot of President Richard Nixon’s vacation home.

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