Borrego Springs

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In Borrego Springs, CA, golf is a big activity thanks to some amazing courses in the area. The Borrego Springs Resort, The Springs at Borrego, Montesoro and the Road Runner Club all offer word class golf and everything you’d expect with it.

That means that a typical leisurely day in Borrego Springs might be a breakfast buffet before hitting the first tee, then enjoying some golf action with beautiful scenery on the course framed by mountains in the distance.

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Perhaps by the time you get to the sixth hole the beverage cart has already come around to make sure you’ve got a beer and you’re on your way to lots of fun. A few holes later and you can grab another at the turn along with a quick bite before heading out on the back nine.

Fortunately, driving a golf cart is not going to get you a DUI, so you feel alright about downing a couple more beers on the back nine, especially if you find as many creative ways to trek around the golf course in route to a bad score as the rest of us.

Next thing you know, you’re in the clubhouse recounting the round with your friends over another beer or two. Now you’ve been out in the sun all day drinking and it’s time to drive home. If you make the wrong choice and end up with a DUI, you need to make sure you follow it up with the best choice to make in that situation.

Anytime anyone is facing a drunk driving case, they need to call a lawyer right away and get the best DUI attorney possible on their side. Otherwise you could be missing out on the next fun round of golf in Borrego Springs.

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