California law allows a person to withdraw his or her guilty or no contest plea after they have fulfilled the conditions of their probation for the entire probation period, or been discharged prior to the termination of the probation. California law also provides that a court has discretion to grant the DUI expungement when it is in “the interests of justice.” Contact one of our DUI lawyers or click here to read about our legal team.

A expungement laywer advised, to successfully complete probation, a person must pay all fines and fees ordered by the court, and all restitution must be paid to any victims. A person also must not be charged with any offense, serving a sentence for any offense, or on probation for any offense. You can contact us to speak with a DUI expungement attorney for a free consultation.

When all of the conditions have been satisfied, the next step is to file a petition with the San Diego Superior Court requesting that the DUI charges in San Diego conviction be expunged from the defendant’s record. Most courts will require that fees be paid for the filing of the legal petition. Also, the petition should be submitted on the proper legal form and is required to be served on the appropriate agencies. A San Diego Drunk Driving attorney should be involved to ensure the petition for DUI expungement is filed correctly, and served on the appropriate agencies, to ensure that the petition is not rejected. If you have just been arrested for DUI it is far too early to request an expungement, please see the information regarding your first DUI on our homepage.

A DUI lawyer in San Diego indicated that if the petition for an expungement is granted by the court, then, in most cases, a person can legally state that he or she has not been convicted of a crime when applying for private employment. However, information about convictions is widely available, and it is often a better idea to disclose the conviction than to hope it is not found. To obtain more information, please consult Penal Code 1203.4, or a San Diego drunk driving attorney.