San Ysidro

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San Ysidro is a section of the San Diego area with some of the most interesting history along with some of the most important activity in today’s San Diego.

When it was first developing as part of the San Diego region, San Ysidro was occupied by a community called the Little Landers, a communal group that focused on equal in agricultural production and social status. The commune was one of the nation’s first and operated for nearly a decade at the beginning of the 20th century, and it operated on the idea that each commune member would own only as much land as he or she could cultivate. The members grew their own food and sold their agricultural goods as a group in a retail market in San Diego.

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The area was annexed by San Diego in 1957, and it now plays a vital role in the functioning of the local area. The largest land border crossing in the world is located in San Ysidro, with tens of millions of people passing through San Ysidro every year. Many of these individuals are Mexican workers coming for employment in San Diego, although the border crossing also features a large amount of traffic of Americans traveling to Tijuana for business and entertainment. The traffic can be painfully slow, though, causing some people to own and park separate cars in each country.

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