Valley Center

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Tucked just east of Vista and north of Escondido is a quiet region called Valley Center, an area that has seen some tremendous change over the past decade-plus.

Before the turn of the century, Valley Center had remained a small agricultural town, with farmers growing a variety of crops, including oranges, avocados, and lemons. Valley Center farmers have also begun to grow a variety of other crops as the local economic picture as shifted, such as decorative flowers, in addition to growing hens and llamas.

Traditionally, Valley Center has been a quiet, spread out region, and even now the population is still under 10,000 people. Local regulations also demand low density in terms of the population, something that has gotten in the way of development as the town has attracted greater business in recent years.

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That development started at the beginning of the 2000s, with the arrival of a couple of Indian casinos in the area. Now, Valley Center is looking at a period of great change, as San Diego County is considering changes to the local regulations in reducing the minimum size of land parcels that can be sold. A decrease in that figure could lead to far more residents relocating to the Valley Center area.

Valley Center is a quiet place outside of San Diego, but that doesn’t mean that DUI charges are taken lightly. If you are facing drunk driving charges in Valley Center, it is vital that you contact an experienced, qualified DUI attorney to provide defense. Expert DUI attorneys will be able to help you navigate the San Diego County drunk driving regulations, and it is vital that you hire an educated DUI lawyer who understands the implications of DUI charges in San Diego.

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