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Poway, CA is a city in San Diego County in California with about 50,000 residents. Poway is a relatively young city only dating back to 1980, located in between San Diego and Escondido.

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There is plenty to do in Poway and it is made even more enjoyable by the amazing weather. Poway, like much of Southern California, sees its average temperatures stay between 67 degrees and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The average lows stay in between 43 degrees and 62 degrees, so even though it gets a bit chilly at night, you’re not going to see much snow in Poway.

There’s also not a lot of precipitation in general, so Poway is a great place to have an outdoor celebration at a friend’s house, enjoy a barbecue or throw a pool party. Of course all of these festivities are usually accompanied by some drinking, so you’ll want to make sure you keep it in check enough to avoid any drunk driving incidents. You don’t want a DUI to ruin your beautiful, sunny, 65-degree Poway day.

However, if it does, while the process may not be fun or easy, the next step is as simple and straightforward as it gets. If you get a DUI, you need to hire a DUI lawyer so make the call right away and do not navigate a single part of the process without qualified legal representation.

Not only will they be able to set your mind at ease, but a good DUI attorney in Poway will fight for you and make sure that you come out of the entire process with the best deal possible so that your life is minimally impacted going forward.

Getting a DUI is a big mistake, but trying to work through it without a good lawyer is an even bigger one.

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