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A nice, mid-sized town just off the coast of California, Vista is home to nearly 95,000 people and a wide variety of amenities that make it a nice place to raise a family. Drunk driving is taken seriously in Vista, and DUI cases demand strong defense from a qualified Vista DUI lawyer.

Early in the town’s history, its distance from the water inhibited Vista’s development, but it has since developed into one of the finest towns in the area. With a nice combination of a strong business environment, numerous recreational opportunities, well-organized public facilities, and a wonderful climate, Vista is home to a diverse set of Californians.

The town is separated from the ocean by Oceanside and Carlsbad, but Vista also has a fine assortment of attractions itself. With a movie theater and a couple of performance theaters, along with a historic district, Vista families have great access to fun and recreation right in their town.

In addition, Vista is home to over 800 companies, providing the foundation for a strong local economy that supports the town’s population. The Vista Unified School District operates more than 25 schools in the town and provides jobs to over 1,700 residents of the town. DJ Orthopedics and Watkins Manufacturing Company are also major employers in the area.

Vista prides itself on being a great place to raise a family in the San Diego area, and DUI cases demand strong defense. If you are facing drunk driving charges, you should call an expert DUI defense attorney today. The County of San Diego features unique DUI laws that require experience and expertise when it comes to drunk driving defense, so it is vital that you call an experienced Vista DUI defense attorney to provide yourself with fair and able legal assistance.

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