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Many residents of Santee have come to love their location as an ideal combination of nature and urban settings. Located in the hills of California just northeast of San Diego, Santee provides residents and visitors with a nice taste of nature right outside of beautiful, sunny San Diego.

Santee was incorporated in 1980 and has worked to develop further ever since then. The town provides its 53,000 residents with a nice suburban environment amidst the hills, offering recreational opportunities in the town and in the natural surroundings.

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Santee is popular for mountain biking, with Cowles Mountain overlooking a section of the city. In addition, Santee residents welcomed the opening of Sportsplex USA Santee in 2010, complete with its multiple softball fields and batting cages, soccer fields, spectator seating and restaurants. Golf is also a popular recreational option in Santee, which includes the Carlton Oaks Golf Course.

Plus, reaching San Diego from Santee is exceedingly easy. Santee is the eastern destination of the San Diego Trolley, meaning that the commute from Santee to San Diego is an easy one. In addition, the Town Center includes a major shopping area for Santee residents, and the town recently announced plans to further develop the area in the near future.

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