DUI Information

Driving Under the Influence is a Violation You Should Take Seriously

Driving while intoxicated can bring you a great deal of problems. You serve jail time, you can lose your license, the monetary value of your automobile insurance may tremendously go up, and you may end up obtaining bad records.

DUI laws in San Diego are very strict and each year, new policies are being placed and heavier punishments are made. In dealing with this serious crime, you need the help of a San Diego DUI attorney.

Dealing with the Case with San Diego DUI Attorney Law

If you have been prosecuted for a DUI in San Diego, you will be confronting two separate cases civil and criminal. On the civil case, it will be determined whether you will still be able to keep your license to drive through the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  On the criminal case, you will be tried under the courts in San Diego and from there, it will be resolved whether you are convicted of the crime or not.

When in search for a DUI San Diego DUI Attorney Law firm, there are two extremely important things you must do. First, take the charge seriously. Second, work with an experience DUI lawyer.

Why take the case seriously?

You want to take it seriously because the penalties that may be imposed on you are also very serious and can have lasting consequences.  Aside from the possibility of losing your drivers license, you may incur hefty fines. Remember, DUI infraction is a serious criminal offense.

The best way of dealing with this situation is to hire a reputable San Diego DUI Attorney. Since its legal matters, you essentially need legal help and you can only get it from a qualified attorney. Our lawyers do specialize in the field of DUI cases in Ca.

When looking for an attorney, remember to focus your options on those who are experts in DUI law. Even if you think there’s no possible way that you can reduce the penalty or have the charge dismissed completely, you will want to consult us for a free consultation.


Cost and Fees when Hiring San Diego DUI Lawyer Law

Vehicle laws in America are very strict that conviction of any violation against a law will result to large fines and lengthy sentences in jail and every state follows this universal penal system for such violations.

Cost of Hiring San Diego DUI lawyer
Getting legal services especially in defending yourself from a violation of DUI law can be expensive but it’s the only way to prevent you from paying much more once you get convicted.  Moreover, being penalized under DUI laws may ruin your credentials if you are applying for promotion or seeking a job.  There are many factors that affect the San Diego DUI lawyer cost.  It includes the skills and proficiency of the lawyer and the filing fees.

Factors that Affect Cost of DUI Legal Services
Before hiring any DUI lawyers to handle your particular case, there are things you need to consider primarily the lawyer’s fee and the overall costs of the DUI process. You need to remember, attorney’s fee is proportional to the experience and standing of the reputed lawyer. And likewise, your geographical location can also affect the fees. You can simplify it this way, the higher the experience and reputation and the larger the city the higher DUI cost you will likely be facing.

Another factor that affects your San Diego DUI lawyer cost is the seriousness of the offense you committed and if you have been convicted to similar cases or any other cases. The lawyer may ask either a fixed DUI fee, inclusive of all the costs of the DUI process, or a retainer fee then charge you on hourly basis. Retainer fee is the flat rate a lawyer may charge for his services regardless of the length of the whole litigation process.

When paying for a fixed fee, make sure that it includes all the fees for the whole DUI process, like the cost of blood sampling test, cost of subpoena, and other costs. You may want to clarify these and compare it with others before signing any contract with the lawyer.

However, your DUI lawyer’s fee should not be your only concern, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable working with San Diego DUI Lawyer and that they listen and address your needs and concerns with utmost care. You don’t want to be hiring and spending a lot of cash for a lawyer who cannot competently handle your case.


How to Find an Experienced San Diego DUI Lawyer Law Firm

It’s a Saturday. You went out with friends and had a little fun at the bar. You had a great time and while on your way home an officer stops you, he informs you that your car was veering that is why he stopped you and that a strong smell of alcohol is evident on your breath. He ask you a few more questions and he ask you to take a sobriety test, you hit 0.09% and you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or DUI.

You’ll probably need a San Diego DUI Law firm, to help you through with the pending court proceedings or the DUI Process. It’s very easy to just open the phone directory and find a DUI law firm. However, it would be a great mistake on your part to hire lawyers by just picking in random.

Try to make a list of names of lawyers or law firms handling DUI cases and that you think can competently handle your case in particular. There are a lot sources to find a DUI lawyer, you can search in the newspapers, internet, or your local phone book.

Try to keep in mind that DUI attorneys are all the same and provide the same basic services. The key to find a qualified San Diego DUI lawyer law is asking the lawyers the right questions before hiring them. You read it right, you need to ask them questions, and try to evaluate their capacity to handle cases. Don’t be intimidated. They are humans too, only that they are experts in DUI Law as you are an expert in your field. Ask questions.

Here are a few points to help you find a DUI Law Firm:

-Does he/she handle other areas of criminal law?
Prioritize those lawyers who focus on DUI defense.
-Does the overall quoted attorney’s fee include your DMV hearing, expert’s fee, blood analysis, allowances, and other fees?
-Can he/she clear your DUI record? If the lawyer guarantees that she/he can, better find another one, no qualified attorney would make such claim.
-Is he/she certified by American Bar Association and a member of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers?
-Request a written contract.

When hiring a San Diego DUI Law Firm, it is important that you are comfortable with the lawyer and that he/she listens to your concerns. If during your visit you don’t get that feeling, then it’s time that you visit the lawyer next to your list, until you finally settle with the layer that fits your needs and preferences. Don’t forget, finding the best DUI lawyer is the most crucial step in the DUI Process.


Driving Under the Influence

Road accidents are among the leading causes of death in America.  It was also found out that during such incidents, the driver is either drunk or is under the influence of drugs and other forms of intoxications.  For this reason, the government created a law that will penalize drunk drivers.  This law is commonly known as DUI.  In California, DWI laws are highly observed and violators can lose their licenses, pay fines, and get convicted and imprisoned for breaking DUI laws.

What is DUI?
You must be very familiar with DUI.  But to give you some factual information about this law, DUI refers to driving under influence.  It also means driving under intoxication or drink-driving.  But in most states, DUI also covers intoxication from drugs.  DUI is also called DWI so if you hear or see this acronym, it also refers to the same thing (only that it stands for driving while intoxicated).  You must remember that violating DUI laws is a criminal offense and therefore, there are penalties and imprisonment waiting for you if it will be proven that indeed, you disobeyed the law.

Who can arrest DUI violators?
Police officers are tasked to catch violators.  The drunk-driving symptoms often include over speeding and not following street regulations.  Some drivers seem to be in a race or doing some tailgating.  Once the police officers suspect a driver driving under the influence, he would be pulled over and ordered to stop.  The initial arrests include making use of alcohol tests or breathalyzers (BACs) and other FSTs.  The driver may also be asked to walk on a white line using only one foot.  The findings of the police officers are admissible in court.  The driver may be detained if its very evident that he/she is under the influence.

DUI Attorney
Finding a credible San Diego lawyer law firm is a good start for the defendant.  If you are charged of violating DUI laws, you should contact an attorney immediately.  If you know no one, you can ask referrals from friends or family members.  The lawyer will be the one to build a reasonable defense that will help defend you from penalties that authorities may impose on you.


DUI Defense Strategies you MUST Know

DUI violations are very common nowadays especially with young adults.  Police officers are always on the lookout for violators and it is their job to find and to have those people penalized.  In California, the state has a very strict policy on DUI.  If you have been charged for violating this law, then you should find a drunk driving defense lawyer as early as possible.

Lack of probable cause for filing DUI violation case
Cops are everywhere on roads, streets, and highways.  They can arrest violators when they think that the driver is under the influence.  This can be derived from the negligent performance of the driver.  It could be from speeding, not stopping at crosswalks or pedestrians, not using lights, not following signal lights, ect.  However, these actuation’s may not just be blamed on intoxication.  There are other reasons why the driver is not performing well on the road.  It could be that he/she is not feeling well or in great physical pain or suffering from nausea and hurrying to go home.  It could be that the driver wasn’t able to get enough sleep and rest.  The violator may also point out that there’s something wrong with the engine.  These and other more reasons may be used to be exempted from DUI penalties.  If you have been arrested because of DUI you may still need a DUI defense lawyer to prove that you were not in the influence during that time.

Defense against Field Sobriety Test results
Once the officers ordered you to stop, they usually make use of some devices called breathalyzers to check whether you are intoxicated or not.  You must understand that it’s not illegal to drive under the influence with alcohol in your system.  The law provides for a certain limit on the person’s level of intoxication when driving.  Police officers make use of Field Sobriety Test (FST) to know if you consumed alcohol beverage before driving.  But, the catch here is that this test is not a mere proof that you are indeed intoxicated.  A good San Diego DUI lawyer may be able to  invalidate such intoxication results.  Moreover, breathalyzers and other FST devices are not always accurate and dependable.

Though it’s difficult to prove, a well-experienced San Diego DUI lawyer can help you build a DUI defense strategies which may free you from penalties.


How to Save your License from Being Forfeited due to DUI

If you have been charged because of driving under the influence in San Diego, you might be penalized under DUI laws in the state of California.  Aside from paying fines and being imprisoned for hours and even days, your license to drive might also be forfeited.  If you don’t want this to happen, you must be able to build a reasonable defense.  Here are some tips to do it:

Look for reputable San Diego DUI Lawyer Law firm.  Your case greatly depends on the lawyer who will represent you.  Most of the time, you will find lawyers from firms or law offices though you can find lawyers practicing independently.  For DUI violations, you should choose a lawyer who specializes in DUI.  Laws are complicated so lawyers select their own field of expertise.  There are many attorneys in San Diego who can help find your way out of DUI violations and a great lawyer can always build a great defense for you to have the lawsuit acquitted or lessen the penalties to be imposed on you.

Credible DUI lawyers offer consultation without charging their clients.  Once you have explained your case to the attorney, he will give you the possibilities of winning the case and how he will plan for the defense.  Do not opt for a lawyer who will tell you he’ll take charge of everything without even telling you what he’ll do.  It is the responsibility of the DUI lawyer to inform is client of how the case is going to prosper.   Once you have accepted the conditions set by the attorney, he can proceed with all the workaround such as filing petitions and pleadings as well as preparing documents.

You must also understand that DUI laws differ in every state.  Every state has a different policy when it comes to DUI cases and each state has its own set of penalties for violations.   If you just moved to California, it is a must that you take sometime reading the laws about DUI so if anything happens, you know your rights and obligations.

The lawyer will explain to you everything.  It’s his task.  Your cooperation in the entire proceeding is also important for you to get acquitted from any violations.  It’s very difficult to defend DUI case because driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is by nature wrong and everyone knows that.  But with the right lawyer and the right defense strategy, you can save your driving license and drive away from penalties.


Knowing the Basics: Driving Under the Influence in San Diego

In America, accidents are in the top 10 causes of death.  Such accidents are car or vehicular mishaps most of the time.  What’s upsetting is that the the unnecessary causes of car accidents by negligence or driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. To contact a DUI Attorney San Diego you can find one here.

DUI laws and penalties differ from each state. In San Diego, California driving under the influence of alcohol/or drugs and offense in driving with 0.8% of alcohol in your blood.

Penalties for violating the DUI code can vary.  During the first offense, the driver will be imprisoned in the county jail of San Diego.  The person accused of DUI will likely also be required to pay fine.  On the other hand, second offense of violating DUI laws will lead way to same penalties like in the first offense plus further penalties.  The court will also require the person to surrender his license as well.  During the third offense, the person liable will be imprisoned for even longer and pay much higher fines.  He/she may need to surrender their driving license and the court will totally revoke his/her license to operate automotive or vehicular machines.

The accused would may need a San Diego DUI Attorney.  The attorney in turn will do all the necessary procedures and legal actions for the state to help protect the defendant.  During the course of trial, the defense team may need to get some scientific evidences by undergoing examinations and tests such as Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) and or Field Sobriety Testing. Our San Diego DUI blog can be found here.


How Much to Expect for San Diego DUI Attorney Fees

Drunk-driving can lead to tough state punishments.  In such kind of cases, can be quite complicated.  Violations of DUI laws in San Diego, California include very strict consequences as well as very high. You might need a good San Diego DUI attorney to help protect your rights.

Nevertheless, hiring an attorney can cost you quite some extra bucks.  Remember though that San Diego DUI lawyer or Drunk Driving attorneys can be indispensable for your case.

Attorney’s fee is consists of the acceptance fee (depends on the lawyer); charges for police reports, clearances and other documents; trial charges.  If the charges against you were dismissed after the first trial, that can help but generally the more hearings to attend to, the higher the DUI attorney cost.  You also need people such as psychologists, physicians, or anyone who would scientifically testify in favor of you.  Always be prepared for miscellaneous fees.

Some attorneys prepare written terms for the entire representation of your case.  It would be best if you’ll ask your attorney about it before you proceed with your legal actions. In this way you can take away the worries and questions in how much to expect for the DUI lawyer cost.


Finding the Right DUI Attorney

In San Diego, DUI laws are stern.  You don’t want to be paying a fine of up to 1,000 dollars!  You might consider finding the right DUI lawyer in San Diego.  There are many legal counsels and law firms in California.  The challenge is looking for the best one.

The first thing you want to do is search for names and contact information of attorneys.  The best way to do it is to limit your search to law firms specializing only in DUI laws. In this way, you can be sure that lawyers of such firms have far-reaching and extensive knowledge about DUI regulations and cases.  They also know all the loops, twists, and turns of DUI laws.

How do you find the right law firm?
There are various law firms in San Diego that specializes in DUI laws.  You can search online for the list.  Almost everything and anything under the sun can be found on the web.  Take time to read client reviews, articles, or blogs about each law firm.  You need to know their background in education and experience, cases won, and of course- how much they charge.

You can also ask for recommendations or referrals from people you know such as friends or relatives.  Just make sure that the lawyer is indeed a San Diego DUI attorney.  It would be a terrible idea to get a lawyer that has won all cases he handled regarding divorce when you need an attorney for DUI offenses.  There are bar organizations and associations that offer referral services.  You can also be sure to end up with the best lawyer through them.

What makes the best DUI Attorney?
San Diego DUI attorney should be able to explain and let you understand all the legal procedures under the DUI law.  He should walk with you all through the way until the settlement of your case.


Penalties for DUI in San Diego

DUI laws refer to the regulations concerning people driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any intoxicants.  The law applies to acts of consuming alcohol or drugs before or during driving a motorized machinery or vehicle.  DUI laws vary on different countries.  In America, it also varies among states.  DUI laws in California are very strict.  You might consider contacting some San Diego DUI attorneys for legal advice.

What are the punishments for DUI driving in San Diego?

Depending on your circumstances and DUI case the punishments can vary.

There are many different consequences anyone of us can face once caught driving under the influence in San Diego roads.  Facing a DUI, it may be a good idea to look into hiring a reputable San Diego DUI lawyer or law firm.