Driving Under the Influence

Driving Under the Influence

Road accidents are among the leading causes of death in America.  It was also found out that during such incidents, the driver is either drunk or is under the influence of drugs and other forms of intoxications.  For this reason, the government created a law that will penalize drunk drivers.  This law is commonly known as DUI.  In California, DWI laws are highly observed and violators can lose their licenses, pay fines, and get convicted and imprisoned for breaking DUI laws.

What is DUI?
You must be very familiar with DUI.  But to give you some factual information about this law, DUI refers to driving under influence.  It also means driving under intoxication or drink-driving.  But in most states, DUI also covers intoxication from drugs.  DUI is also called DWI so if you hear or see this acronym, it also refers to the same thing (only that it stands for driving while intoxicated).  You must remember that violating DUI laws is a criminal offense and therefore, there are penalties and imprisonment waiting for you if it will be proven that indeed, you disobeyed the law.

Who can arrest DUI violators?
Police officers are tasked to catch violators.  The drunk-driving symptoms often include over speeding and not following street regulations.  Some drivers seem to be in a race or doing some tailgating.  Once the police officers suspect a driver driving under the influence, he would be pulled over and ordered to stop.  The initial arrests include making use of alcohol tests or breathalyzers (BACs) and other FSTs.  The driver may also be asked to walk on a white line using only one foot.  The findings of the police officers are admissible in court.  The driver may be detained if its very evident that he/she is under the influence.

DUI Attorney
Finding a credible San Diego lawyer law firm is a good start for the defendant.  If you are charged of violating DUI laws, you should contact an attorney immediately.  If you know no one, you can ask referrals from friends or family members.  The lawyer will be the one to build a reasonable defense that will help defend you from penalties that authorities may impose on you.

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