How to Find an Experienced San Diego DUI Lawyer Law Firm

How to Find an Experienced San Diego DUI Lawyer Law Firm

It’s a Saturday. You went out with friends and had a little fun at the bar. You had a great time and while on your way home an officer stops you, he informs you that your car was veering that is why he stopped you and that a strong smell of alcohol is evident on your breath. He ask you a few more questions and he ask you to take a sobriety test, you hit 0.09% and you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or DUI.

You’ll probably need a San Diego DUI Law firm, to help you through with the pending court proceedings or the DUI Process. It’s very easy to just open the phone directory and find a DUI law firm. However, it would be a great mistake on your part to hire lawyers by just picking in random.

Try to make a list of names of lawyers or law firms handling DUI cases and that you think can competently handle your case in particular. There are a lot sources to find a DUI lawyer, you can search in the newspapers, internet, or your local phone book.

Try to keep in mind that DUI attorneys are all the same and provide the same basic services. The key to find a qualified San Diego DUI lawyer law is asking the lawyers the right questions before hiring them. You read it right, you need to ask them questions, and try to evaluate their capacity to handle cases. Don’t be intimidated. They are humans too, only that they are experts in DUI Law as you are an expert in your field. Ask questions.

Here are a few points to help you find a DUI Law Firm:

-Does he/she handle other areas of criminal law?
Prioritize those lawyers who focus on DUI defense.
-Does the overall quoted attorney’s fee include your DMV hearing, expert’s fee, blood analysis, allowances, and other fees?
-Can he/she clear your DUI record? If the lawyer guarantees that she/he can, better find another one, no qualified attorney would make such claim.
-Is he/she certified by American Bar Association and a member of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers?
-Request a written contract.

When hiring a San Diego DUI Law Firm, it is important that you are comfortable with the lawyer and that he/she listens to your concerns. If during your visit you don’t get that feeling, then it’s time that you visit the lawyer next to your list, until you finally settle with the layer that fits your needs and preferences. Don’t forget, finding the best DUI lawyer is the most crucial step in the DUI Process.

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