DUI Defense Strategies you MUST Know

DUI Defense Strategies you MUST Know

DUI violations are very common nowadays especially with young adults.  Police officers are always on the lookout for violators and it is their job to find and to have those people penalized.  In California, the state has a very strict policy on DUI.  If you have been charged for violating this law, then you should find a drunk driving defense lawyer as early as possible.

Lack of probable cause for filing DUI violation case
Cops are everywhere on roads, streets, and highways.  They can arrest violators when they think that the driver is under the influence.  This can be derived from the negligent performance of the driver.  It could be from speeding, not stopping at crosswalks or pedestrians, not using lights, not following signal lights, ect.  However, these actuation’s may not just be blamed on intoxication.  There are other reasons why the driver is not performing well on the road.  It could be that he/she is not feeling well or in great physical pain or suffering from nausea and hurrying to go home.  It could be that the driver wasn’t able to get enough sleep and rest.  The violator may also point out that there’s something wrong with the engine.  These and other more reasons may be used to be exempted from DUI penalties.  If you have been arrested because of DUI you may still need a DUI defense lawyer to prove that you were not in the influence during that time.

Defense against Field Sobriety Test results
Once the officers ordered you to stop, they usually make use of some devices called breathalyzers to check whether you are intoxicated or not.  You must understand that it’s not illegal to drive under the influence with alcohol in your system.  The law provides for a certain limit on the person’s level of intoxication when driving.  Police officers make use of Field Sobriety Test (FST) to know if you consumed alcohol beverage before driving.  But, the catch here is that this test is not a mere proof that you are indeed intoxicated.  A good San Diego DUI lawyer may be able to  invalidate such intoxication results.  Moreover, breathalyzers and other FST devices are not always accurate and dependable.

Though it’s difficult to prove, a well-experienced San Diego DUI lawyer can help you build a DUI defense strategies which may free you from penalties.

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