Cost and Fees when Hiring San Diego DUI Lawyer Law

Cost and Fees when Hiring San Diego DUI Lawyer Law

Vehicle laws in America are very strict that conviction of any violation against a law will result to large fines and lengthy sentences in jail and every state follows this universal penal system for such violations.

Cost of Hiring San Diego DUI lawyer
Getting legal services especially in defending yourself from a violation of DUI law can be expensive but it’s the only way to prevent you from paying much more once you get convicted.  Moreover, being penalized under DUI laws may ruin your credentials if you are applying for promotion or seeking a job.  There are many factors that affect the San Diego DUI lawyer cost.  It includes the skills and proficiency of the lawyer and the filing fees.

Factors that Affect Cost of DUI Legal Services
Before hiring any DUI lawyers to handle your particular case, there are things you need to consider primarily the lawyer’s fee and the overall costs of the DUI process. You need to remember, attorney’s fee is proportional to the experience and standing of the reputed lawyer. And likewise, your geographical location can also affect the fees. You can simplify it this way, the higher the experience and reputation and the larger the city the higher DUI cost you will likely be facing.

Another factor that affects your San Diego DUI lawyer cost is the seriousness of the offense you committed and if you have been convicted to similar cases or any other cases. The lawyer may ask either a fixed DUI fee, inclusive of all the costs of the DUI process, or a retainer fee then charge you on hourly basis. Retainer fee is the flat rate a lawyer may charge for his services regardless of the length of the whole litigation process.

When paying for a fixed fee, make sure that it includes all the fees for the whole DUI process, like the cost of blood sampling test, cost of subpoena, and other costs. You may want to clarify these and compare it with others before signing any contract with the lawyer.

However, your DUI lawyer’s fee should not be your only concern, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable working with San Diego DUI Lawyer and that they listen and address your needs and concerns with utmost care. You don’t want to be hiring and spending a lot of cash for a lawyer who cannot competently handle your case.

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