Knowing the Basics: Driving Under the Influence in San Diego

Knowing the Basics: Driving Under the Influence in San Diego

In America, accidents are in the top 10 causes of death.  Such accidents are car or vehicular mishaps most of the time.  What’s upsetting is that the the unnecessary causes of car accidents by negligence or driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. To contact a DUI Attorney San Diego you can find one here.

DUI laws and penalties differ from each state. In San Diego, California driving under the influence of alcohol/or drugs and offense in driving with 0.8% of alcohol in your blood.

Penalties for violating the DUI code can vary.  During the first offense, the driver will be imprisoned in the county jail of San Diego.  The person accused of DUI will likely also be required to pay fine.  On the other hand, second offense of violating DUI laws will lead way to same penalties like in the first offense plus further penalties.  The court will also require the person to surrender his license as well.  During the third offense, the person liable will be imprisoned for even longer and pay much higher fines.  He/she may need to surrender their driving license and the court will totally revoke his/her license to operate automotive or vehicular machines.

The accused would may need a San Diego DUI Attorney.  The attorney in turn will do all the necessary procedures and legal actions for the state to help protect the defendant.  During the course of trial, the defense team may need to get some scientific evidences by undergoing examinations and tests such as Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) and or Field Sobriety Testing. Our San Diego DUI blog can be found here.

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