San Diego DUI Attorney Law: Possible Consequences of Committing DUI

San Diego DUI Attorney Law: Possible Consequences of Committing DUI

DUI Consequences – Common Scenarios

There are several possible situations that may result from being arrested for DUI.

DUI Arrest

When charged with DUI, the police officers read you your rights and arrest you.  If this is your first offense it may only take several hours that you will likely be behind bars.  It’s a very embarrassing situation for anyone involved, especially if you hold a prominent position in your office or you’re a leader of a group or a public figure.  The next morning you’ll see your face on the local newspapers and you will not want to go out until the gossip subsides.

Suspension of Driving License

Everyone knows how important is to have a car.  But even if you have a car but you don’t have a license to drive, it’ll be useless.  One of the worst DUI consequences of committing DUI in San Diego is the probability of losing your driver’s license.  The suspension of license can either be temporary or permanent.

Paying Fines

Paying fines is one of the most common penalties employed in different forms of offenses.  When there’s a penalty, there’s a fine to follow.  Fines in DUI offenses are very high especially if it leads to car accidents where there have been damages on property.  The fines may reach tens of thousands of dollars.  Expect to pay even more if anyone is injured.  Aside from the money, you will be enraged with the conscience of living with what you have done.

Contact our San Diego DUI attorney law offices that specialize in assisting people charged with DUI violations.  You want to get our help to possibly reduce these penalties.  Make sure to consult a highly experienced lawyer who has had experience on the matter.

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