San Diego DUI Checkpoint Grant Accepted by Escondido

San Diego DUI Checkpoint Grant Accepted by Escondido

A new San Diego DUI checkpoint Grant has just been approved by the Escondido city Council. However, Olga Diaz, Councilwoman, it’s still questioning the effectiveness and costs the DUI checkpoints bring.

Public debate has been prompted recently I asked and he does a DUI checkpoints because they can include drivers license checks. Many activists have claimed that these license checkpoints are simply traps for illegal immigrants, however the police say the Czechs have actually resulted in a decrease in hit and run accidents.

Diaz did it point how that this year’s $268,000 grant is smaller than that of last year’s which was just over $300,000, however questions whether or not it was more effective for police to conduct additional saturation patrols rather than adding more DUI checkpoints. Checkpoints cost more than twice the amount of a saturation patrol according to the Escondido police Lieut. Tom Albergo.

The most recent grant will provide funding to staff about 15 San Diego DUI sobriety checkpoints and about eight saturation patrols according to Albergo. this grant will also be used to operate stakeouts, warrant sweeps and repeat DUI offenders.

Even a local San Diego DUI lawyer agrees that they have a remarkably compliant community when it comes to driving under the influence.

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