DUI can be a Felony

DUI can be a Felony

San Diego has very strict DUI laws and each year, different states set up new policies and more stringent penalization’s.  In dealing with this serious crime, you need the help of a DUI attorney. A common question we receive is: “Is a DUI a felony?”

Drunk driving can be a felony

DUI can bring you lots of difficulties. You can get incarcerated, you can lose your license to drive, your automobile insurance costs may increase tremendously, and you can end up ruining your employment opportunities.  If you have been arrested for a DUI felony in San Diego, you will be confronting two separate legal charges. You will likely be tried under the courts in San Diego and then face the DMV where your license for driving is at stake.

San Diego DUI Attorney Law- Finding the Right Lawyer

When looking for a felony DUI attorney in San Diego, there are two extremely important things that must be done. First, take the charges you are facing seriously. Second, look for an experience DUI lawyer.   You want to choose the best possible DUI lawyer because the penalties of breaking San Diego DUI laws are serious penalties. Aside from the high fines and losing your driver’s license, you might be forced serve jail time.

The best way of handing this difficult charge is to hire a reputable San Diego DUI Attorney. Since its legal matters, you essentially need legal assistance that you can only receive from attorneys. Lawyers do have specialization in cases. There are attorneys who specialize in injury law. There are attorneys who specialize in corporate as well as other forms of financial laws, while others concentrate on criminal laws.

So when looking for an attorney, remember to choose the one who is an expert in felony DUI laws.  You can speak with our professional DUI attorney in San Diego.  Even if you think there’s no possible way that you can reduce the penalty a DUI attorney can certainly change your situation around.  Remember, DUI misdemeanor is a criminal offense and it can be a horrible experience.

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