11 Year Prison Sentence for San Diego DUI Driver

11 Year Prison Sentence for San Diego DUI Driver

A 52-year-old San Diego man has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for running over a woman in his car while he was driving drunk San Diego and then fleeing the scene.

In an emotional setting, Bruce Hanson apologized in court to the mother and two sisters of the 35-year-old victim Alejandra Vasquez of San Diego. Hansen called his decision a “horrible decision” that he made that evening and panicked he left the scene.

Vazquez was killed in the early morning hours on February 19 when she got out of her car and was reaching for an item in her backseat when she was struck by Hansen’s vehicle traveling between 40 and 50 mph.

At the time, she was on her way to work as a catering truck driver for a local lunch service.

The very next day Hanson was arrested at his home. The San Diego DUI attorney advised that San Diego police were alerted when the owner of a vehicle that looked to be damaged was dropped off at a salvage yard without its license plates. They were able to use the cars identification number to track it back to Hanson.

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