Mission Bay

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Mission Bay, CA is one of the coolest places in San Diego, as there is a lot to do ranging from water sports activities to land activities with a great view to good old-fashioned fun. Mission Bay is home to Sea World, Mission Bay Golf Course and Belmont Park.

It’s also a popular place to host a lot of charity events due to the scenic nature of the area and the fact that it’s still close enough to downtown San Diego to bring people out. Of course, if you’ve ever been involved in organizing a big charity event you know that the finale and the time afterward usually calls for some celebration.

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What do a lot of people want to do after pouring months of time and effort into organizing an event for a good cause? They want to celebrate how much money was raised and unwind, which may lead to cutting loose with a few too many drinks.

Unfortunately for anyone who gets caught driving drunk after a charity event, bad things can happen to good people. That’s no reason to stick your head in the Mission Bay sand and hope for the best, though. You need to be proactive about your situation if you are facing a DUI case.

That means calling a DUI attorney right away. The sooner they are on your side guiding you, the better. Not only can a good DUI lawyer increase your chances of avoiding any major punishments, but they can also make the process easier for you to understand and navigate.

If that gives you a better night’s sleep and a little bit more peace of mind throughout the course of your DUI case, you’ll be able to better enjoy your relaxing times by Mission Bay.

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