San Diego Lawyer Turn Their Attention to Medical Marijuana

San Diego Lawyer Turn Their Attention to Medical Marijuana

A growing trend seems to be in effect that San Diego Dui attorney are choosing to focus their law practices on legal issues surrounding medical marijuana.

A veteran lawyer in San Diego, Jeffrey Lake, whose law practice has previously focused on real estate and mortgage lending is beginning to turn to medicinal marijuana cases.

In addition to Jeffrey, Lance Rogers, Michael Cindrich, and Kimberly Simms, have become part of an informational medical marijuana bar in San Diego. These lawyers work almost exclusively on civil and criminal cases often dealing with very complex issues surrounding the legal use of marijuana as a form of medicine.

Perhaps they are focusing on medical marijuana because San Diego is a county that has a strong reputation for taking the side against medical marijuana in California. The San Diego district attorney has aggressively pursued cases against those who have been operating medical marijuana collectives, contending that they were not complying with state law and instead illegally engaging in drug sales. To contact a San Diego DUI defense attorney you can visit us here.

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