Facing Multiple DUI Offenses in San Diego

Facing Multiple DUI Offenses in San Diego

If this is not your first time being charged with a DUI in California, you can be up against a much more difficult journey and harsher penalties than you might imagine. A first time offender can indeed face fines, a license suspension and jail time, but the severity of these sentences increases each time you face this charge. If convicted, the sentence can have devastating and far-reaching effects both on your here and now, as well as your entire future. A good San Diego DUI attorney will be up front and honest with you about the road you have ahead and educate you on what can happen if convicted of a DUI two or more times.

A second DUI conviction can often times double the costs of a first offense. You can lose your license for up to two years this time and your car may even be impounded. This is something you can not afford if you use your car to get to and from work or even use it as part of your job. On a second DUI offense, you may also spend anywhere from 90 days to one year in jail. If put on probation, the sentence can be lessened, but you may also be required to complete an alcohol treatment program to get your life back on the right track. You want the best defense possible from your San Diego DUI lawyer to avoid such a conviction. If you are facing a DUI 2nd offense you will almost always benefit from having an experienced lawyer.

You could be legally labeled as a “habitual traffic offender” if it is your third DUI offense and lose your license for up to three long years. Like with a second time offense, you may not even have your license reinstated without attending an alcohol treatment program. You do not want to play around with conviction like this and with such a label as a driver. Driving with a suspended license with such a label can make anything you experienced with a DUI charge in the past look like a piece of cake. An experienced and knowledgeable DUI lawyer in San Diego can help you avoid a conviction so your life does not take this unwanted turn.

You have already experienced one DUI charge in your life and have felt the effects it can have. With a conviction, you now have a criminal record. Seeking employment can become much more difficult, you may not even be able to get to or perform the job you already have. Your insurance premiums may go through the roof and the toll this can take on your mental and physical well-being, as well as the well-being of your family can be life changing.

You know not to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, but everyone in life makes mistakes. Do not let this mistake destroy you more than once and call a DUI attorney in San Diego today to discuss your case and prepare a defense.

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