Charged with DUI? Consult an Attorney

Charged with DUI? Consult an Attorney

In San Diego, regulations on Driving under Intoxication (DUI) are laws you don’t want to break. DUI charges can adversely affect your employment and reputation. If you’re aiming to get hired by an organization or company, you might find it very difficult if you have a DUI record. A single offense in DUI can cost you thousands of dollars, and it can cause you a great deal of embarrassment.  In these difficult   times, confronting legal charges is something that you don’t want to receive irrespective how less serious it is. Police forces  in San Diego are performing  DUI checkpoints and sobriety  tests   on a regular  basis  in an attempt to  stop people from drinking and driving.

If you are charged with a DUI in San Diego CA, you must be well versed in your rights during DUI proceedings.

It is essential for anyone to speak with a DUI lawyer. Before you are tried with DUI charges, call a San Diego DUI attorney law firm as soon as possible. Make sure to speak with a   highly trained attorney   to ensure  you’ll have  larger   chance of  succeeding  in the courtroom. Your attorney will be there to protect your rights and make sure you are respected during the whole court proceedings from the start to finish.  You have the right to question the person who incriminated or charged you of perpetrating DUI.  For instance, the police officer possibly followed unreliable breathalyzer testing methods or did not conduct any kind of sobriety test, however, you were arrested. Your attorney can therefore question the legitimacy of the charges and  hopefully can have  the case  dismissed due to lack of proof

During DUI court trial, the incriminated has two choices and your San Diego DUI Attorney will advise you on your best decisions given your situation.

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