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California DUI Expungement

A DUI conviction can lead to a criminal record you can ill-afford to have. It can lead to you losing the opportunities for jobs, as well as professional license and permits you may need or desire one day. It can change the entire course of your life due to one fateful decision you know you should not have made. However, a conviction does not have to be a permanent mark on your life. You can hire a San Diego DUI attorney to help expunge your conviction from your record, which makes it seem as if it never even existed.

Of course, there are requirement and qualifications that can make you eligible or not eligible for California expungement. Your DUI attorney in San Diego will go over your file with you to make sure you qualify before filing for one for you on your behalf. In order to receive a DUI expungement in California, your penalty for your DUI conviction may not have included jail time, although any incarceration you endured before your conviction does not count towards this. Also, you cannot have any pending criminal charges or court cases of any sort and you must have lawfully and successfully completed any probationary period that resulted from your conviction.

Filing to expunge DUI California can have a host of benefits you never have thought about. When you apply for a job, you can legitimately say that you do not have a criminal record. If a potential employer still chooses to do a criminal background check, the employer will not find anything because your record is now clean. Any licenses or permits you previously had may be reinstated and any license or permit you apply for in the future will not be hindered because you now no longer have a criminal record. However, your San Diego DUI lawyer will explain that a expungement California must be disclosed in the following cases: If you are applying to run for public office, have a legal dealing with the California state lottery or are applying for a state of government license. That does not mean you once again have a criminal record in these cases. It just means you are legally obligated to tell someone that you had a conviction that was expunged from the record.

It may take approximately six weeks from the time you file for a California expungement until it is completed and when it is completed, you will receive a court notice telling you so. California makes the application process relatively simple, but it is still something you should not handle on your own. If you think you qualify for an expungement California, call a DUI lawyer in San Diego today to get the ball rolling.