From Ancient Egypt to Today – History of Law and the Legal System

In society, to have peace and order, you need to have a set of rules and regulations that all citizens need to follow. In these societies, a system of legal rules have been put into place. These laws are the guidelines that all citizens need to follow in order to maintain proper order. However, not all people follow the set laws, and when they don’t the legal system that has been set in place will tell what punishment will be given to the law breakers.

The first instances of set laws that were to be followed was instituted in Ancient Egypt. Near 1760 BC King Hammurabi instituted the Code of Hammurabi, which instituted penalties for certain unacceptable behaviors. This is what historians believe to be the first instance of legal rules to be in place. Over the course of history mankind has built upon those early laws and have today put in place a system of checks and balances in the legal system to ensure the rights of innocent people, and have the opportunity to have a trial in front of a jury of its peers.

Over time many important changes have taken place, with many advancements taking place during the time of the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. All of these have events have helped shape today’s legal system. To learn more about the history of law and the legal system that we know, we have included a number of educational and informational resources. Please feel free to review and share this information with others looking for information. We hope this collection will provide you with information about the interesting history of law.

By Ted Burgess