A Criminal Justice Resource Page

The field of criminal justice is a wide ranging area of study. Criminal justice can be described as the way that society can control the actions of people so that they do not commit crimes or violate any of the established laws of society. The areas that primarily deal with criminal justice would be law enforcement and penalizing criminals.

Criminal justice has had a long and storied history dating back to ancient times. In ancient times punishment was typically harsher, while following the philosophy of an “eye for an eye”. The punishment was handed out without the due process that is followed in today’s criminal justice field. This has made current criminal justice fair for the victim and the accused, so that the crimes be investigated and punished appropriately.

Today the criminal justice field is one of the most popular areas for college students. Thousands of students enter the work force every year and working in areas ranging from determining the causes of crime, helping victims and crime prevention to rehabilitation and incarceration of criminals. The work of experts in the criminal justice profession is important to the well being of society. Without them, the world would be a more dangerous place without law and order.

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By Ted Burgess